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Chwyto! is an innovative hangboard with replaceable holds. Interchangeable holds make you always hang in the same shoulder position. This will keep your shoulders safe. You will avoid the risk of a shoulder impigemenet, such as when hanging on holds placed too close to each other.

A solid steel frame is in black glossy color. The frame is welded and provided with holes with a diameter of 5mm. The hole in the bottom part of the frame allows you to attach to Chwyto! an eyelet, where you can place a pulley system, TRX, gymnastic rings, monsterbands, etc..

You can adjust how wide you want to put the frames apart. Thanks to this, you can adjust the spacing to the width of the shoulders, the construction of the room or just your preferences. Different colors of the frame are possible which will suit your space more.

You have several types of the most important holds of ever smaller size. You can graduate the training intensity depending on your needs and possibilities. The use of beech wood guarantees durability and beauty. Comfortable rounding of the edges allows you to hang safely and painlessly. It also makes the training demanding and requires full motor unit recruitment.

Due to the fact that each element can be removed, the Chwyto! can be used as a portable trainer. You don’t have to buy separate equipment and incur unnecessary costs! You take with you to the rocks as many holds as you will need to perform a safe and effective warm-up before the project. You can use a knot or tie it in a different way, which will provide more or less stability to the edge. Less stability will force the extensors to work harder, which will translate into better warm-up and training of antagonistic muscles.

The grips shown in the photos have the following width:

  • 17mm (13mm to the rounding) – equipped with a fence for positioning the fingertips
  • 22mm (15mm to the rounding) – equipped with a fence for positioning the fingertips
  • 30mm (22mm to the rounding) – equipped with a fence for positioning the fingertips
  • 40mm (comfortable hold rounded on both sides)

Grips are cut at 90 degrees.

Chwyto! is a climbing multitool

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On Chwyto! you always train with your arms at the same distance apart

Almost all ordinary hangboards are built symmetrically with respect to the vertical axis, which means that when you move to the center of a board, your hands are closer and closer together. Narrow hanging can cause shoulder problems, especially when extra strain is added to it. It’s not the case with Chwyto!, as holds are always in the same line.

The frame allows the suspension of monsterbands or a system of pulleys to substract the weigth

You don’t have to drill extra holes in the walls or destroy the door frame.

On Chwyto! you can practice pinch grip

All you need to do is bind two holds together properly and you have a demanding wooden pinch with a width of 5 cm. You can also hang bombs or cones under the frames. Ordinary hangboards offer useless pinches that you hung on not by the force of fingers and forearms, but by working with the pec muscles, cheating.

If you show such a need, there will be other holds and edges of a different width, that YOU want

Thanks to this, you will not have to buy a new hangboard when the one you have turns out to be inappropriate for your finger strength level. All you need is a set of two new grips for Chwyto! If you see such a need, please contact us at [email protected]

On Chwyto! you can strengthen two or three finger grips without cheating

By using holes for this, we cheat by using the friction of the side walls. We rub the sides of our fingers in the corner.
Practicing twos on flat grips means that you have nowhere to hide with your weaknesses. You can also better follow the progress from training to training, because the element of randomness in the form of more or less squeezed fingers (like in a regular hangboard) will go away.

The frame is made from steel, sa you don’t need to worry if the wall is super even

You don’t have to buy any plywood under it, which could not only increase the price of an ordinary hangboard, but also disfigures the room even more.

Chwyto! is small and eastethic

Chwyto! will not cover half of the wall and disfigure the living room, as is the case with ordinary hangboards, especially those made of resin.

You can take the hold out of Chwyto! and take it with you to the crag to warm up before the project

You don’t have to buy an additional mobile hangboard, you don’t have to multiply the costs. All you need is a 5mm rope and you take the selected hold with you. You can perform a few recruitment puls with a rope hooked by a foot. You can also hang the rope from the anchor point or tree and do a series of puls, or you can pull yourself up several times on one arm, resting your legs on a rock (or not ­čśë ).

You decide how far you hang the frames from each other

Do you have a back as wide as a three-door wardrobe? No problem – you attach the frames wider. Are you tiny like a ballerina? You hang narrowly.
In the case of an ordinary hangboard, you have no influence on its size or where the holders you want to hang are located.
This is important because not everyone is built to hang like the creator of an ordinary hangboard assumed.




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